Belated Thanksgiving


While I intended to do my obligatory Thanksgiving post before Thanksgiving day, time got away from me and I ended up doing a great many things that were probably less important than listing the things I am thankful for.  Without further ado, here’s my list of things that are both frivolous and serious.

1. Salvation/forgiveness.  I list these together because I don’t believe that you can seperate them, at least as far as God is concerned.  I also want to express thankfulness for human forgiveness.  In an episode of Seventh Heaven that I caught yesterday, Annie said, “I love you, so I forgive you.”  I think that about sums up our relationship with God and I’m extraordinarily thankful that it also seems to sum up my relationship with my friends and family.

2. My parents.  I find it obvious to mention at this point that I’m thankful for my mother’s health.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer this fall and I’m thrilled that it was no more serious or hard to deal with than it was.  I’m also thankful that they don’t complain about helping me out financially despite my advanced age.

3. My hairdresser.  The women out there know how difficult it is to find someone that is both likeable as a person and adept as a hairdresser, and after several years of hunting, I finally found one.  It might be a frivolous thing to be thankful for, but nonetheless, I am.

4. Books.  I love books of all kinds, provided they are well written.  I read everything from Christian romance novels to books on economics and I’m thankful for them.  The older I get, the more convinced I am that I know very very little and the more blessed I realize I am to have tons of words and ideas available to me.

5. I am never hungry.  I might not always get to eat exactly what I want (and a lot of that is due to battling my sluggish metabolism) but I always have enough to eat.

6. Health insurance.  I spent a year without health insurance and now that I have it, I am hugely thankful for a free flu shot, office visit and prescription copays and the ability to choose my doctors.

7. My heated mattress pad.  I hate turning the central heat on because of what it does to my skin and for giving me nose bleeds.  I love when I finally crawl into bed and the bed is all warm and cozy because of the heated mattress pad.

8. Text messaging.  I love getting text messages and receiving them and I love the quick communication they provide.  I lalso love that this year my dad provided my sister and I with unlimited text messaging, which makes back and forth quoting of song lyrics and television shows and movies possible with my sister.

9. Coffee.  I love coffee, and not just for its caffeination effects.  I love its smell and its taste and its ability to warm you up.  For those same reasons I love hot tea.

10. This particular year I’m thankful for the microbiology class I took, the immunology class I took and the professor that teaches them.  Because of her, I’m afraid I’m going to have to become an educator.  It was always something I didn’t want to do, but I’m afraid it’s what I’m supposed to be.  Thanks Dr. Tarasenko for helping me realize that being a doctor or some other medical professional isn’t the only thing out there for me.  (I’d like to interject here that this does not necessarily mean I won’t pursue a career in healthcare.  I love taking care of people and I love science and I haven’t necessarily determined what the very best course for me is.  God and I are still talking about that)

There are a great many other things, but odds are when you noticed the post was this long that you merely skimmed it and in order to minimize your reading, I’ll stop at ten things.


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