Last night I was proud of my country for the first time in a long time.  Let’s not make any mistakes: I am always proud of my troops; I support and pray for my leaders whether or not I agree with them.  However, last night I was given the opportunity to watch as a black man and his sweet African-American family was elected to become the President of the United States of America, despite our nation’s long history of electing white men to serve in that office.  Last night I was proud of John McCain and his gracious and eloquent concession speech.  I believe that McCain is a valuable American and a huge asset to our nation and I hope and pray that he is remembered for much much more than his campaign of late.  Last night I was proud of America.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that President-elect Obama will not be taking your luxury SUVs or your elaborate homes and your massive grocery budgets and forcing you to exchange them for aging Geo Metros and small apartments and government cheese.  (This might be a great time to remind everyone of one of my personal problems with church in America: storing up treasures on earth.  You know that Range Rover is going to rust and be useless, don’t you?)  I would also like to remind everyone that there are a great many people who work, who are educated and who cannot seem to make things go better for themselves and that these people are not all black, are not all homosexuals, are not all illegal Hispanics.  There are woman just like me and at least as far as this election is concerned, I am proud to have voted to elect a man that is willing to talk about women’s health care and equal pay for equal work and providing the opportunity for citizens who have no health insurance through work to buy into the government’s group health plan.  I am just freaking proud of my country.  Let’s not ruin it with hate speech and derisiveness and fear-mongering.  God is still in control, even if you don’t like the outcome of this Presidential election.


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  1. What’s up Kristi, just a transfer over from Carson’s blog. As a conservative, I will not deny the fact that Obama’s election was a saddening defeat, but I also refuse to deny that America is making some very good progress towards unobscured freedom from racial prejudice. However, even though I agree with you that God is still in control, what makes you so confident that he is still on our side? A fall from prominence has often been an accompaniment to the denial of moral rights/wrongs. I would not be so surprised if the United States has less than another century of existence.

  2. I went back and re-read my post to make sure and I was right about my assumption: I never said anything at all about the United States of America being God’s chosen land. I simply said that He was still in control. To presume that’s what I meant makes me a little angry. I’m thrilled that you came to my blog and I’m perfectly happy to have you stick around so long as you do something for me: don’t put words in my mouth and don’t argue a. I can do that on my own. Further, I also don’t read where I said that America was stuck in the 19th century racially speaking. We have made strides. I feel like pointing out Obama’s blackness and his being elected to the highest office in the nation is evidence of that. I also believe the fact of the matter is, until we become black people, we won’t know what racism feels like. Again, by all means stick around, so long as you don’t attempt to argue with things I didn’t say.

  3. I’m sorry if that sounded horribly rude. Again, I’m glad you came by my blog and I’m happy to discuss things with you, provided they are things I actually said and that you aren’t arguing points I didn’t make. I’ve dealt with that before and have no desire to do so again.

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