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Based on my commitment to only discuss politics with like-minded people (and this is due to my desire to not be rude to people or to have people be rude to me), this post is going to be entirely nonpolitical and most of them probably will be for quite some time because I am weary of my own rudeness.

That being said, there are going to have to be things that are discussed, or this blog will be exceedingly boring.  Very few things will be off-limits, except politics.  I would like to reiterate that this is not because I am afraid of my own ideas or anyone else’s, but because rudeness, particularly my own, is exhausting and inappropriate.

Instead, today will help me make a decision.  I’m educated, but I cannot find a job.  It’s become apparent that I’m going to have to continue school, which is fine with me, provided it takes no more than 4 semesters to be qualified to do something.  I’ve narrowed my choices down to two things: high school science teacher or nurse.  Please weigh in.  I’ve found myself at somewhat of an impass regarding this choice.


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  1. It’s possible that my vote is skewed by the fact that I hate children and can’t understand why someone would deliberately work with them. On the other hand, I hate adults, too, and nursing would put you in direct contact with them. I want to be a hermit.

    The point dad made (and I’m sure Mr. Carson did, too) about there being too few good communicators who like kids is a valid one. Perhaps I’ll reconsider my decision. Especially if you get a kid like that Dillon guy who comments sometimes. :p

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