In the movie Remember the Titans, Denzel Washington’s character Coach Boone says, “Hold on, hold on.  I’m not Jesus Christ or Martin Luther King or the Easter bunny.  I’m a football coach, that’s all.”  The black population in town was firmly convinced that he would do great thing, that he would be the answer to the prayers of and the salvation of the black people in their town.

I’m a supporter of Barack Obama.  I believe in his ideals, in his plans of action, and in his desire to help Americans live better.  However, I would behoove people to remember that, whether you support Mccain, Obama or someone else entirely, that these men and women running in the election for the President of the United States of America are just that: men and women.  Be careful because whoever is elected will run into obstacles with Congress, with various unforseen challenges.  No one is going to be able to do everything the promise and no one is going to be able to do everything perfectly in this position.

Also, please quit with the mudslinging.  It makes you look petty and uninformed and, quite frankly, stupid.  Attack the issues and the plans for dealing with those issues, please do not attack the candidates themselves or their supporters.  It makes you the smaller person.  More than anything, please remember that neither of these major party candidates can save you or save anything all on their own.  They are merely men.


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  1. Good post. I don’t think we have ever seen anything like the response we are getting about Obama. Not with Clinton or even Reagan. The adjectives used to describe him by some are on par with Jesus. I think a lot has to do with the media really pushing him (Time Magazine for example with 9 covers of him and only two of McCain). The many pictures of him with halos behind him doesn’t help either. I think “white gulit” also plays a part as does the marketing of him (which is brilliant – having him give speeches at stadiums after concerts).

    Concerning the mudslinging, actually, these elections are tame compared to what was said 100 years or more ago. Also, sometimes “mudslinging” can be relative. An ad with a direct quote from someone is many times referred to “mudslinging” instead of the truth.

  2. I’m not confused about mudsling. I realize these elections are tame compared to years ago. I’ve had history classes. I’m quite concerned about the slanderous emails I get and the blog posts I read from both sides about the individuals running for office. It is one thing to say you don’t like someone’s policy; it is quite another to call them an idiot, a terrorist, an elitist, or any number of other words that are too rude for me to post here. Do not try to condone it on my blog. Justifying “direct quotes about someone” does not make it any more appropriate just because it’s nicer than what used to be done. Direct quotes about policy, fine. Insults about someone’s person: unChristian and stupid.

  3. So, pointing out Obama and his terrorist friends or the racist comments that Joe Bidden has made is considered mud slinging? I’m not justifying anything when I use direct quotes. If they said it, how in the world is it mudslinging to use their OWN words against them?

    When the press made fun of Quayle and his spelling it was funny, when the GOP makes fun of Bidden and his plagarism or on Obama thinking we have 57 states, it’s “negative” or “below the belt” or “mudslinging.”.

  4. Did you really just compare me to the mass media? I’m just a graduate student in a city in Arkansas who occasionally posts on her blog and has a readership of perhaps 20 people. I hardly thing it’s fair to compare me to the mass media. Also, if you’ll notice, I’ve never said anything negative about the conservative position or candidates. I’ve merely been positive about the ideals that I want represented in office. It’s not correct to compare me to something which I am so clearly not. I do thank you for the compliment that I could be as important as the mass media.

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