Public Schools


It’s no secret that I’m a liberal.  I believe in equipping everyone and making it as likely as possible for everyone to succeed.  I was rather fortunate to attend a private Christian high school and to have parents and teachers rather vested in my success.  However, it was an expensive place to get an education, even ten years ago.  Because of this exorbitant price tag, it was obviously not possible for everyone, or even most people, to get an education there.

I’ve recently decided to certify to teach high school.  It’s not something I saw myself doing at this point in life; the plan was always to work in industry for several year and then use what I learned in industry in the classroom, however, that plan does not seem to be coming to fruition as I would have hoped.  I have also decided to teach solely in our public schools, not because I believe that our public schools are the be-all and end-all, but precisely because I believe they are not.  I do, however, believe that everyone has the right the best education possible, and I see it as my duty and responsibility to teach to the “least of these.”  Perhaps it is even my calling.  After all, I have a passion for science and for a long time have had a passion for helping people find knowledge.

I realize that our public schools are rather lacking in many many areas, but I would love to be part of the solution.  I would love to have the opportunity to inspire kids about science and learning and I would dearly love to perform those functions for terribly underprivileged children.


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  1. All students deserve the best teachers; all students should have teachers that are passionate about their subject and who themselves find their content to be most important. This attitude gives both value and merit to passion and learning, even if it is a subject outside of students’ future path. I think you will do a great job!

  2. Good for you. I used to be a High School Teacher in a former life about 13 years ago.

    Although I would not go so far as to say all kids have the “right” to the best education, they do deserve it.

    I personally believe that our public schools are one of the biggest dangers to our country for several reasons. They are, as you said, lacking, they are run by Govco and they are ruled by the unions. If I could afford it, I would be sending my kids to a private school. I feel uneasy that my kids are being taught by the state.

    Anyway, that is great what you are doing. Good luck with it. Remember, if kids like to try to “shoot baskets” into the trash can and they miss, they need to stay after school and make a basket from every corner of the room. That usually teaches them to get up, off their lazy butts, and put the trash in the can instead of throwing it. 🙂

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