Hating Hillary


It’s apparent to me that Hillary Clinton is not pulling out of the race. Obviously that’s fine with me since she is my candidate and I want her to win. However, I’m confused about something: why does everyone hate her so much? I can understand not agreeing with her politics. I just don’t understand why people hate her so much. If you’ve got any insight into that, please fill me in.


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  1. She is a female doing what men do or try to do. This makes her a bitch in the eyes of some. She is political and her marriage is political. Americans cannot take that. They think marriage is about going to church with the family on Sunday and eating together at 6, it is not that simple. The traditional family, as my work has shown, has changed and Hillary represents a change many fear. As a black man who used to be gay, I undersand what she is going through.

  2. Of course it’s not that simple: here in the South we tend to eat earlier than 6. I’m just kidding. However, your comment, Jaylon, makes me want to ask you some questions that I’m afraid would be impertinent to do in the comment section of my blog.

  3. Everyone does NOT hate her. She’s got very strong support from her political supporters.

    I don’t understand this support. I used to support her (before late January) and have come to dislike her and President Clinton’s strategy and tactics more as they become more willing to trash principles and drag us all into their search for power.

    I really don’t believe they care for the fate of the country so long as their end of creation holds up. Their willingness to marginalize black voters (or “AA voters” as I have seen on Hillary Clinton supporters’ threads) is an example of this, I believe.

    Good luck to you, Ms. Sweeney

  4. I’ll say this, and no one gets to attack me because it’s my blog and I can say whatever I want to.

    I’m not entirely enamored with Hillary. I do not believe she is the be all and end all. I know that I have lived in Arkansas when Bill was running things and I have lived in Arkansas when someone else was running things and have noticed a great difference. Things were better when Bill was here. Now I realize that that is the result of a great many things, but one of the things that is a result of is piss-poor decision making by subsequent governors. That’s also true of the nation. There are some things that just suck right now that have nothing to do with President Bush. A large part of the reason that Hillary is my choice is that I have lived in a state where her brand of politics ruled. I have no experience with Obama. I also do not believe that our country is ready to elect a black man, so if we are going to elect a democrat, it seems that it has to be Hillary. It is sad, it is stupid and it is abyssmal, but I also believe that it’s true. That being said, electing any democrat just brings a new set of problems, but they are problems that, after the last eight years, I would relish.

  5. It was a preemptive comment, Jen. And if you’ll notice, my support isn’t entirely about my unabashed devotion to Mrs. Clinton, but more about the fact that I believe that she’s the most popularly electable democrat we have running right now.

  6. Are you confusing politics and personal? I think many people dislike her politics and where she stands on issues. Yes, there are some who really do hate her but I think, for the most part, people dislike her ideas.

    Care to discuss the sheer hatred toward Bush including a movie and book about killing him? Now THAT is hate.

  7. In this case, I’m not confusing politics and personal. I’m fairly bright and don’t usually get the two confused. And, I know nothing of these forms of media plotting to kill Bush. Most of what I read about these days is science, because that it was I do every day.

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