I have never been a big fan of talking about my weight. I’ve always found it to be a personal subject and I’ve always made some semblance of excuse. However, I have found that it is a bit ridiculous, that I weigh more than I’ve ever weighed in my life, that I am 24, and that I should suck up my pride and post about it so that the entire world can see. I currently have very minor goals, because I know myself, and I know my tendency to tackle huge mountains, only to get discouraged and completely quit, thereby leaving myself in a far worse state than I started in. Because of that, I have elected to start with simply making better food choices and spending at least 30 minutes at least 3 times a week walking or using the elliptical. I fully intend to record my progress on Sundays, and I ask that you all (all 2.5 of my readers) hold me to that. I would also ask that you not make disparaging remarks. Believe me, I can make myself feel far worse than you ever could about any falling off the wagon I might do. Thanks for reading.


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